Wooden Doors & Wooden Windows Nelspruit and Surrounding Areas 

We offer the strongest safest most affordable wooden doors on the market set for today’s designer trends.


Wooden Doors in Nelspruit and Windows in Nelspruit


At Girelle Trading, we specialise in wooden doors in Nelspruit and windows in Nelspruit. The front door to your home is the first thing your visitors will see when they arrive at your home. By having an exceptionally stunning or a uniquely crafted wooden door as your front door, you are making a statement. We offer the strongest, safest and most affordable wooden doors on the market set for today’s designer trends.

Wooden doors in Nelspruit are a popular functional accessory for any home. The wooden door has many benefits. The wooden door cannot rust, it can be custom made according to your specifications, it can be polished to any colour you like, the maintenance of a wooden door is cheap and easy to do, when a good quality wood is used the door will have a long life span and the wooden door is resistant to air and wind.

While wooden doors give your home a magnificent entry point, the wooden window frame will give your home a stylish finishing. Just as there are benefits to having wooden doors there are also benefits to having wooden window frames, such as a wooden window frame cannot rust, they are environmentally friendly, they add value to your home, they are long lasting and they provide the perfect natural insulation meaning they keep the warmth in and the cold out.

Having wooden doors in Nelspruit and wooden windows in Nelspruit are the most beautiful way to give your home that Bushveld look. At Girelle Trading custom designed wooden doors in Nelspruit are our speciality as are wooden windows in Nelspruit.