2 March 2015
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2 March 2015,

Girelle Trading – Manufacturers of Wooden Windows in Graskop

When you are planning your home or perhaps you are doing renovations, the type of window frames that you will choose to have is a decision that is going to require quite a bit of thought. These days you are not bound by the norm of metal or steel window frames. Wooden windows in Graskop are a popular choice because they look really good, they are environmentally friendly and they are long lasting.

Coloured wooden windows in Graskop

Wooden windows in Graskop can be made and coloured according to your requirements. Wooden windows do not have to be plain wood colour, they can be stained or painted in the colour that you would like to have, the colour that is going to suit your house. If you are going for a natural look for your windows then choosing a simple wood with a lovely stained finish will be the way to go and if you are looking for wooden windows that are going to match the colour of your home then you can have them painted or stained in the colour that you desire.

Wood comes in some stunning natural colours. Depending on the wood that is used you will more than likely be able to find a colour that you will fall in love with and want to have proudly displayed on your home. Using unique wood for your window frames can become a talking point as it is not common to find window frames made from unique wood or in a unique colour. The type of wood that you select to be used for the creation of your wooden windows in Graskop will also determine the amount of maintenance that will need to be done for the wood. Some woods are soft and have a tendency to splinter while other woods are tough and require little attention.

It is not only beauty that you will get when you look at your wooden windows. Wooden windows have the extra benefit of being a natural insulator that can help you to reduce your heating costs. Wooden windows have the ability to keep the heat in when need be. This also ensures that wooden windows have the additional benefit of being environmentally friendly because by using wooden windows you will be responsible for less carbon emissions. Wooden windows are the way to go.

Maintenance is low when it comes to wooden windows. You will not need to worry about sanding them down each time they show a hint of age, instead they can be easily touched up. After a few years however it is important to give them some new life by having them sanded down and repainted. If your wooden windows are varnished then regular touch ups can be done to give the wood a fresh look. Again after a few years the wood can be stripped of varnish and given a fresh coat of varnish.

These days varnish and paint for wood are made to give the wooden a maximum amount of long term protection allowing your maintenance needs to be minimal.  For quality wooden windows in Graskop contact Girelle Trading today.

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