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Custom Wooden Furniture by Girelle Trading


Custom made, affordably priced wooden furniture in Nelspruit doesn’t get better than the furniture created by Girelle Trading. Our unique designs and stunning wooden furniture products are the ultimate addition to any home. They become the talking pieces and conversation starters for when you have guests visiting your home. Wooden furniture is also comfortable, with or without cushions, and works for all seasons, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. At Girelle Trading our wooden furniture is made from only the finest quality wood. The wooden furniture made at Girelle Trading can be varnished to the colour your prefer or it can be given a clear varnish coating which will allow the woods natural colour to be proudly on display.

Wooden furniture in Nelspruit is the ideal type of furniture for the climate. The dusty, dry winters can make furniture covered in fabric become dirty very quickly and the fabric can be difficult to clean as it is often bound to the furniture. This means that eventually the colour will fade away or become dirty, leaving it looking untidy and worn. It will cost you plenty of money to either replace the furniture or have it professionally cleaned or refurbished. You will never have this problem with wooden furniture as it can be easily dusted.

Wooden furniture is easy to keep maintained. If wooden furniture is scratched you can easily remove the scratch by using a polish and should the furniture need a new coat of varnish, it can be sanded and given a fresh coat. In the long term, wooden furniture is not only a stylish addition to your home but it is a long term product.


Come to Girelle Trading, the leading supplier of wooden products, today to find out more about our wooden furniture in Nelspruit


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