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Quality Laminated Wooden Fillets

Girelle-Trading-Request-A-QuoteAt Girelle Trading, we are expert suppliers of all things wood. In our years of experience, we have provided Nelspruit, and the surrounding towns, with high-quality wooden doors and windows, while we have also taken on numerous other projects. Over the years we have expanded our services and we have found our newest speciality: wooden fillets. Wooden fillets are an important part of the building process, especially when creating large containers for the purpose of holding liquids or fine materials. Constructed from wood and concrete, these containers are widely used in a number of different industries. Wooden fillets are commonly used in smaller projects but at Girelle Trading we are producing and supplying them on a much larger scale. The fillets are designed to fill any gaps between the concrete blocks. This allows the structures to be as big as necessary while also allowing us to give the structure a rounded shape. Custom creations can be made according to the sizes required by our customers, enabling us to tackle just about any project successfully. Using only the finest quality wood, our fillets stand the test of time even when they are exposed to all of the elements. Treated wood that won’t be destroyed by insects or fungi, these fillets are the very best. At Girelle Trading we are the industry leaders. Whether it is for a construction project, or for wooden furniture or doors, Girelle Trading only works with superb wood, guaranteeing you a beautiful product. Contact us today to find out about our prices and our various products.   Wooden Fillets

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