2 April 2015
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2 April 2015,

Girelle Trading – Manufacturer of Wooden doors in Sabie

These days when people are building a home many will decide on using a wooden door. In fact many homes have only wooden doors, and wooden doors in Sabie are a very popular choice. Wood is a warm material which gives a home a warm feeling. Wooden doors will give a home a touch of class and elegance and a wooden door is aesthetically pleasing. There are a large variety of woods to choose from these days and when you decide to have a wooden door as a part of your home you will have many more design options than if you were to select a door made from a different material.
Selecting wooden doors in Sabie comes with many advantages and a few disadvantages. When you are deciding on using a wooden door in Sabie then it is best to be aware of the different advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Wooden Doors in Sabie

1. Temperature
Sabie can become very cold in the winter months and having a wooden door will be very helpful when it comes to regulating the temperature. A wooden door is a great insulator and it will help to keep the warmth in while keeping the cold out. This is a big advantage to having wooden doors in Sabie. Wooden doors are also energy efficient as you will not need many other temperature regulators when you have wooden doors.
2. Maintenance
A wooden door is going to require much less maintenance than the other materials which are used to make doors. This means that you will spend less time and money on making your wooden door look good and perform optimally. The wooden door will not rust so you will not have to sand it down to keep the rust at bay as you would with a steel door. As a natural material it will take a lot for the temperature to damage it.
3. Less noise
Not only will your wooden door regulate the temperature within your home but it is also a fantastic insulator when it comes to noise. Wooden doors are known to keep the noise from the outside world to a minimum which will allow your home to be your quiet haven.
4. A long life
Wooden doors are known to have a long life span if they are made from a good quality wood and they are kept in a good condition.

The Disadvantages of Wooden Doors in Sabie

1. Moisture damage
If the wood which is used is not correctly treated and sealed then there is a high possibility of the wood absorbing moisture and taking damage. When water gets into the wood it will cause the wood to rot which can cause irreparable damage.
2. Termites
Wooden doors can become infested with termites and other insects that can cause high amounts of damage. The damage can often be irreversible and cost you lots of money. It is best to ensure that the wood is treated to prevent insects making a home within your door.
3. Timber
There is good quality timber and there is bad quality timber. Depending on where you are purchasing your wooden door you might just purchase a bad quality timber door which will cause you many problems.

At Girelle Trading we sell only the best quality wooden doors in Sabie. Visit us today to find out more about our wooden products and allow us to give you the best advice regarding wooden products.

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