8 May 2014
8 May 2014,


To renovate your home is no easy task, here are some mistakes that are made:


Unrealistic Budget - Renovating home


1. Setting an Unrealistic Budget


     Most people underestimate how much the cost is for renovating a home, the mistake people make is

     in thinking that the materials are your biggest expense, but in reality it is the labour.

     You always need to be ready for the unexpected when planning your budget and always be realistic.


Taking on more than possible - Girelle trading assists


2.  Taking on more than you can handle


      When going into a project such as this you need to know your limitation.

      People tend to take shortcuts once they have too much to handle and this just create bigger future

      problems. Planning for a renovation project is crucial in its success as this will show your limitations

      and help you to make sure you do not take on more than you can handle


 Hiring the correct contractor


3.  Hiring the Wrong Contractor


     Hiring the correct contractor is crucial as this person in going to be renovating the home that you and

     your family is going to live in.  Interview a range of contractors and check all there reference . A tip to

     choosing the correct contractor is by checking how long he takes to return or answer your call. A

     contractor that return and answers his calls has nothing to hide and will help the project run much



 Building Permits


4.  Avoiding Permits


     If you renovate your home without the required permits and an accident occurs it is most likely that

     your insurance will not cover the incident.


Electrical Upgrading


5.  Forgetting to Update the Electrical System


      When renovating your home you need to ensure that you renovate all aspects of your home which

      includes the electrical system. This will ensure that you do not have expensive future electrical



 Homework before starting


6.  Not Doing Your Homework


     You firstly need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into especially if you are not doing the

     work yourself. Knowing what to look for when using a contractor will help you immensely in seeing

     mistakes. This why you can keep a close eye on your project. Doing your homework will assist you in

     saving cost and preventing future problems with your home and by understanding the proses you

     and your contractor will be able to communicate more sufficient.


 Building Materials


7.  Buying Cheap Materials


     When buying cheap materials your are going to get what you paid for.

     Look for the materials in your budget range but make sure they are not a cheap imitation as this is

     your home and your home should be built to last forever.


 Prep work for Renovation


8.  Skipping the Prep Work


     “Do it once and do it right” Your prep work will assist you in doing the work correct the first time.

     Saving you money and time


Building Measurements


9.  Inaccurate Measurements


     Do not guess. This can jeopardize your project. If your measurements are not correct from the

     beginning it will mean that you have to redo work which will cost you a lot of money and time. By

     taking the measurements and ensuring that they are correct you avoid unnecessary expenses.


Safety Equipment


10.  Forgetting About Safety


       Safety first. An accident can occur so quickly so you have to take every precaution to ensure no

       accidents occur and if one does you are prepared. By ensuring that all workers on site including

       yourself where goggles  for protection of eyes, gloves for hand protection from splinters, nails etc,

       good set of boots and ear protection for hearing you help to minimize the risk of accidents. There

       should also always be a first-aid kit available on site.


Solar Panels


11.   Not Using Green Materials


        People have the perception that going green is much more expensive. In some cases it is but in the

        long run it is the best chose you can make. By going green you will be ahead in the market and you

        will be making a smart investment.


Wooden Windows - Girelle Trading


12.  Choosing the Wrong Windows


        By trying to cut finances on the windows you do more harm than good.

        Your windows is one of the most important aspects as they assist with the styling of your home and

        also assist with the amount of light that your home with receive inside. They are exposed to all the

        earths elements so they have to be the best quality. There are several types of windows such as

        wooden windows or steel windows. Whichever of these windows suite you home best always make

        sure you get the best one


Painting your Home


13.  Using the Wrong Paint Type


        By ensuring you use the correct paint for your walls you save a lot. It ensure that you do not have to

        redo the walls again within a few years.  If you choose the correct paint type then the colour will

        also display correctly


 Building Tools


14.  Using the Wrong Tools


        By using the incorrect tools for you project you will most definitely pick up a few problems which

        will include the materials breaking and pieces of your project not working out the way you had

        planned. Inevitably this will mean that you would have to redo the project again which is an

        unnecessary expense.


Lighting in rooms created by wooden windows and fictures


15.  Ignoring Lighting


        The lighting in a house can create the ambiance that you are looking for. By using incorrect wooden windows or steel windows

        and light fixtures you can make a beautiful room feel emotionless with darkness or fill it with light

        create a warm home feeling.



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