13 July 2015
13 July 2015,


Wooden windows in Komatipoort blend into the rustic bushveld scenery. They allow the natural light to gently filter in and fill a home with warmth.


Wooden windows are definitely the defining feature of your home or office space. With a wide variety of woods to choose from when selecting your wooden windows in Komatipoort, you will want to select the one that suits your style.Windows are designed to let the natural light into your home while also giving you fresh air and a certain quality of openness. If you match the style of your windows with the style of your home you will find that your home takes on a whole new and more beautiful appearance.

But do your windows let in too much cold air in the winter months? Do your aluminium window frames look old and dirty? Wooden windows will never let you get cold again as they are great insulators and wooden windows will stay looking fantastic for a long period of time.

Choosing the wood that you would like to have for your wooden windows is the first step towards installing wooden windows in your home. Each type of wood is going to be vastly different from the next. Each type of wood is going to produce a different colour, have a different density and it will react differently to the weather and other external factors.


Wooden windows in Komatipoort will let the soft, natural light filter into your home or business

Wooden windows in Komatipoort will let the soft, natural light filter into your home or business


The difference between softwood and hardwood for wooden windows in Komatipoort

Woods are divided into softwoods and hardwoods, and when you are selecting wood for your wooden windows you will need to consider which type you prefer and which will work best for you. Softwood will usually come from an evergreen tree which has needle-like leaves, such as pine trees. This type of wood can be easily cut and shaped without the wood splintering. As the wood is easy to handle, and commonly available, it is a cheaper wood.

The harder the wood is, the more difficult it will be to work with. Splintering happens easy and not just any tool can be used to cut it. Trees which are considered to have hardwood will usually shed their leaves towards the end of the season and they are not green all year round.

Because softwoods are very common and rather cheap, they are the type of wood that is used the most when wooden windows are being manufactured. Their density also plays a big role. Due to the wood density being less durable, carpenters have had to devise ways in which to strengthen the wood that is used for windows. Some softwoods undergo a preserving treatment to give them the extra strength needed to be long lasting and neat in appearance.

There will be occasions when a hardwood is used to manufacture wooden windows. Wooden windows are divided into two groups, depending on where they are grown. You will find hardwoods that are grown in tropical regions and hardwoods that are grown in temperate regions. Hardwoods grow very slowly as they are very dense and they often have a richer colour. Keep in mind that when turned into a wooden window frame they will still need to be properly treated as a lack of treatment can result in the wood getting damaged.

The manufacturing of wooden doors and wooden windows in Komatipoort is a wonderful option as wood is a renewable product. At Girelle Trading we provide unique wooden windows in Komatipoort and wooden doors in Komatipoort in different styles and sizes for your home.


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