22 June 2015
22 June 2015,


Giving your vintage wooden windows in Nelspruit a revamp is the best way to breathe new life into them.


Wooden windows in Nelspruit will make your home warmer

Wooden windows in Nelspruit will make your home warmer


Renovating is always both a stressful time and an exciting time.Your wooden windows in Nelspruit are a great feature to your home but after many years getting a battering from the wind, rain and other elements, even your varnish and sealant won’t be able to keep the damage away forever. So there will come a time when your wooden windows will need a proper revamp to get them looking sharp again.

What are your repair options?

Why not try it yourself?

If you are the type to be hands on when it comes to repairs then why not try revamp your wooden windows in Nelspruit yourself? Do some research about the best and easiest way to revive your wooden windows and then give it a go! You will probably need some tools to help you get the paint or varnish off of the wood and you will need clean, new varnish to give the wooden windows a fresh new coat. It can be a time consuming process, especially as the varnish will possibly need a hardy varnish removing product as well as a sander to smooth off the wood, but it is not impossible to achieve.

Call in the restoration specialists

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to do the repairs and restorations yourself, you can look to the company that installed them or you can browse around for company that is capable of doing the restoration. These companies have many years of experience and with their expertly skilled team they will have the job done in no time. Companies specialising in manufacturing wooden windows in Nelspruit, wooden windows in Malelane and wooden windows in Komatipoort will be able to either give you great advice for the restoration of your windows or they will offer a restoration service.

Have a full replacement

Maybe the wood wasn’t a very good quality to begin with, or maybe the wood was not taken care of and given regular maintenance, either way there is the possibility that your wooden windows are damaged beyond repair and they need a full replacement. Unless you are a carpenter or a wooden window provider, it is unlikely that you will be able to replace your window frames yourself. There are a number of places that will offer you wooden window products as well as wooden window replacements should you need to have a replacement. Make sure that you choose a quality provider who will install quality wooden windows. And while they are replacing your damaged wooden windows you should ask them to give you tips for keeping your window frames safe and in a good state.

Wooden windows in Nelspruit can be complemented beautifully with wooden blinds

Wooden windows in Nelspruit can be complemented beautifully with wooden blinds


Wooden windows in Nelspruit offer the ultimate touch of class and these windows are going to give your house a beautiful finishing off; the final factor that you need to turn your home from the everyday house into a vintage, cosy home. If you are looking for wooden windows in Nelspruit, wooden windows in Barberton or wooden windows in White River you should get in touch with Girelle Trading.


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