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Having wooden doors in Nelspruit is a great way to make your home instantly look more attractive. It provides great insulation and stunning appeal, but there are some who have experienced the downside of having a wooden door.

I speak from experience here, and it’s about something that I don’t think many people would have come across before. When remodelling our home, we decided to use wooden doors with glass panelling. It looked incredible and it brought an earthy feeling to the home. But what we had overlooked was the fact that the wood was going to be exposed to an area of the house that was without guttering. With each rainfall, water would splash up on the wood and settle just under the door. With the settled water, the damp spread throughout the wood and one day we noticed something that was definitely not part of the door…a mushroom.

Wood Fungi can damage wooden doors in Nelspruit
Wood Fungi can damage wooden doors in Nelspruit


Because wood is a natural product, fungi and mushroom spores can easily sprout out of the wood and start growing. While it might be amusing when you first see it, the reality and the damage that the fungus can cause can be quite costly. A wood fungi can form on any wooden surface, from wooden door frames to window frames, it the wood is not treated properly there is the possibility that the fungus can begin to grow when the conditions are just right. Rather than looking pretty, a wooden fungus is a form of wood decay.

If you have wooden doors in Nelspruit you need to take good care of them to give them the best possible protection. Here are some things you need to know about wooden fungus and doors.

  1. Living in a humid area can influence the growth of fungus

Here in the Lowveld, we are no strangers to humidity. Our summers are intensely humid and often we don’t get relief from the weather unless we get rain. Heavy rain and humidity are two causes of fungus growth on wood. Moisture in the air can cause big damage. Extra ventilation in the home can help with preventing the growth of a fungus. Keeping water away from the home is also a good safety measure, and you can do this by installing gutters to funnel rain water away from the wooden features.

If you live in humid areas, or areas that experience heavy rainfall you must keep an eye on your wooden doors.

  1. Insect invasions

Insects are not the cause of fungal growth but they certainly can play a role in aiding the process. You are not likely to allow an invasion of insects into your home. If you come across termites you are not going to let them continue to cause devastation. However, some homeowners don’t fix the damage that these insects have caused. When these areas are repaired you will be able to reduce the possibility of fungus growing in your wooden doors. So when you have moved out your unwelcome insect visitors you should move quickly to repair the damage.

  1. Moisture on the wood

Regardless of how the moisture is coming into contact with the wood of your home, that little bit of water that is left to soak near your wooden doors in Nelspruit can soon become a problem. Water is a powerful substance, in fact, it is a highly damaging substance when it is left to sink in. The fungus doesn’t just need moisture to flourish, it needs a nice warm temperature as well. The Lowveld actually provides all of the ingredients for the fungus to grow.

Untreated wood is especially vulnerable to fungi
Untreated wood is especially vulnerable to fungi

The best way in which to get rid of a fungus is to replace the wood and remove the moisture. This is exactly what we had to do when the fungus had got right into the wood. The wood decayed quickly and soon the glass was in danger of falling out. The door had to be taken down and a new piece of wood had to be fitted. Luckily after all this effort, the wood fungus has never come back.

If you are battling a wood fungus in your wooden doors in Nelspruit, give Girelle Trading a call. We can give you great advice and we can repair your damaged wooden door or wooden window.