26 May 2014
26 May 2014,
Maintenance is vitally important and is often overlooked. Whether it is interior or exterior wood, it needs to be nourished and protected to maintain a healthy and aesthetic appearance.
Wood that has been well maintained creates a “living” piece that shows it is well cared for. Maintenance on a regular basis makes the actual task easier and adds years onto the lifespan of wood.

There are 3 categories of wood and it is important before the start of any project or task to ascertain into which category your wood falls into. In knowing this you can make an informed decision before you purchase products and prevent any potential problems.

  1. Softwoods such as pine are extremely porous and absorb moisture easily causing swelling. This category of wood needs to be sealed exceptionally well to avoid any problems.
  2. Hardwoods such as meranti are less porous and don’t absorb moisture easily. However if not sealed well, moisture will be absorbed and cause problems.
  3. Manufactured wood is made from waste woods and mostly used for interior items. They normally require painting, not the same products as used for treating wood.

It is recommended to treat and protect wood on a regular basis using waxes, oils, preservatives, sealers or varnishes. There is a wide range of products available and consumers are often intimidated by all the choices and often purchase the incorrect treatment system and products.

Products are normally divided into 3 categories often fulfilling the same function but have different characteristics, methods of application, areas of use and appearances. Consumers often confuse the 3 categories with dire consequences resulting in hard work to correct what has been incorrectly completed.

  1. Plascon Wood Preservative – Contains deep penetrating oils and waxes to protect, preserve and waterproof exterior timber such as gables, window frames, laminated sections, weather boarding, split pole fencing, cladding and wooden buildings (wendy houses). It does not peel, crack or chip even after prolonged exposure. Three coats are often sufficient dependent on porosity and dryness of item it is being applied to. Over application can result in the product drying above the surface and causes tackiness. It is not advisable to apply to wooden cots and toys. Do not overcoat preservative with paint, sealers or varnishes as they will not adhere to the surface. Exterior use only. Depending on the location and use of an item, treatment before winter and summer is advisable.

Plascon Woodcare Weathered Wood Restorer

  1. Plascon Sealers – This type of product normally penetrates into the surface leaving a thin layer on the surface. Available in various finishes giving consumer a choice of appearance. Maintenance of wood is dependent on quality of product and area of use. Not prone to cracking, peeling or flaking. Certain brands do allow over-coating with penetrating oils, however not all sealers are formulated to accept this.
  2. Plascon Wood Varnishes – These products are available in a variety of colours and finishes for exterior and interior use. The selection process is often deemed difficult due to the wide range available, but it is the area of use and what the products offer in terms of features and benefits that influence the purchase decision. High quality varnishes need to be used in areas of extreme UV and moisture. The high quality varnishes are also normally resistant to peeling, crazing, cracking and flaking. This would be dependent on the preparation and application phase that the consumer did.

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