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Top 15 Renovation mistakes, from Budget to Wooden Windows

Unrealistic Budget - Renovating home

  To renovate your home is no easy task, here are some mistakes that are made:     1. Setting an Unrealistic Budget        Most people underestimate how much the cost is for renovating a home, the mistake people make is      in thinking that the materials are your biggest expense, but in reality […]

Wooden Doors in Sabie


Girelle Trading – Manufacturer of Wooden doors in Sabie   These days when people are building a home many will decide on using a wooden door. In fact many homes have only wooden doors, and wooden doors in Sabie are a very popular choice. Wood is a warm material which gives a home a warm […]

Wooden Windows in Graskop


Girelle Trading – Manufacturers of Wooden Windows in Graskop   When you are planning your home or perhaps you are doing renovations, the type of window frames that you will choose to have is a decision that is going to require quite a bit of thought. These days you are not bound by the norm […]

DIY Guide and tips to Meranti products

Untreated wood is especially vulnerable to fungi

Maintenance is vitally important and is often overlooked. Whether it is interior or exterior wood, it needs to be nourished and protected to maintain a healthy and aesthetic appearance.   Wood that has been well maintained creates a “living” piece that shows it is well cared for. Maintenance on a regular basis makes the actual […]

Furniture by design Nelspruit


Furniture by design   Our purpose built handcrafted furniture is fitted and designed to compliment all types of rooms and décor, whether your property is commercial or domestic. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles, you can be sure we can match your exact taste with our custom crafted tables, chairs and desks. From handcrafted […]