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Mushrooms Growing from your Wooden Doors in Nelspruit?

Wood Fungi can damage wooden doors in Nelspruit

Having wooden doors in Nelspruit is a great way to make your home instantly look more attractive. It provides great insulation and stunning appeal, but there are some who have experienced the downside of having a wooden door. I speak from experience here, and it’s about something that I don’t think many people would have […]

Find Great Windows & Wooden Doors In Nelspruit South Africa

Sunlit Living Room

DO YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS? South Africa has a vast selection of companies that specialize in wooden doors and various other decor pieces that will help assist you in achieving your goal in the new look for your home. If you are looking for new windows Nelspruit has available, then you […]

Customize Your Home With Quality Wooden Doors In Nelspruit

S\wartland wooden doors in Nelspruit

Are you looking to change the look of your home? You can customize your home with various aspects that can be easily replaced and changed in many ways; these include doors, windows, cosmetic changes such as (cupboards, tiles, fixtures etc). Cosmetic changes will only affect surfaces and does not change the structure of a place […]

The Perfect Gift – Sculpture by Girelle Trading

Snale Sculpture

Still deciding on what to get your father for Father’s Day or your boss for his birthday, well here is your answer. Girelle trading not only specializes in Wooden Doors and Windows, Designing and building of furniture, Moulding, skirtings, Custom projects such as Jungle Gym but also in Sculptures. Sticking to what is current and […]

Wooden doors in Malelane

Stunning wooden doors in Malelane will never go out of fashion

How to choose a wooden front door in Malelane   Your front door can be more than an entrance to your sanctuary, it can be an artistic feature in your home. Solid wooden doors in Malelane are making a big comeback.  When you are building a home or an office building you will have the […]